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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Quatermaster

So over Christmas one of the models i recived was the Forge World Quatermaster, i recently painted this a part of the 40k Radio's Freebootaz forum Motovational challenge.

So here are the Pictures of the squad and how i think i will use him and what he brings to the Death Korps Army.

 The Quatermaster

And his Retinue

What is a Quatermaster?
The Quatermaster is the Death Korps medic and equiptment gatherer. The reason they have these units is as has been said, why they are there and not in any other Imperial Guard army, is that during the war on Krieg they loss of men and Equipment was so high they needed men and equipment quickly back in the line, so these men were sent forward to find both.

What does it bring to your army? 
The Quatermaster brings (apart from cool models) Feel No Pain for any infantry unit in your army that is within 2inchs of the Quatermaster or his servitors. I find this interesting as in the Death Korps you can combine Squad your platoon troops, so a 60 man squad that could have Feel No Pain would be very interesting. But even more interesting is that you can also combine Platoon Heavy Weapon teams into 1 squad to so the chance of 9 lascannon teams with Feel No Pain is pretty nasty.

I have not tried this unit out yet or any of my ideas so any thoughts or feedback would be great thanks for reading    

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Work From the Front Line

Okay so im not very good at this regular post thing, since my last post i have been working on a few things and got 2 games in.

First of what have i been working on i have painted a squad of men for the 101st

Then i did an Artillery Crew too
 Oh and i started an Air force after i got this for Christmas, i have spent some time on this due to my Airbrush braking and it taking some time to get a replacement

so after one base coat of Astronomican Grey and then after loads of masking tape a sprayed it with Codex Grey.
 I then put thinned down Oil paint of Brunt Umber round the bolts and joins.

And this is were i finished it. Now i also mentioned that i had 2 games i never got pictures so sorry about that i have however put a kill count at the top of the blog, as that is what the Death Korps do well. what i did get from both of these games is that i have no idea of how to play Imperial Guard.

Last but not least, this project took a real body blow when Warhammer World moved the date for the Imperial Warmarch so i can not attend this event anymore and have started work on a Red Scorpions army, as these were also involved in the Siege of Vraks, i hope people are reading this i may need some help to keep motivated on the Death Korps of Krieg 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's for Charity

Hello everyone along with doing this blog im also a member of 40k Radios forum (as littleman_2009 funny that), so over the last few months the Freebootaz have been building 3 IG forces to sell for charity.

So i have done some of the Ultramarine PDF force and would really like it if anyone who reads this would help by bidding on the following auctions.

Thank you for taking the time to look and bid if you have lets see if we can get the fund raised up high for the charity The next post should be me finishing the Tank.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all were ever you are.   

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Back on Track(s) Pt2

Okay so over the last week i have worked on painting my DKoK tank, i put together last time so here is what i have so far.
I used a basecoat of Knarloc Green this was applied by Airbrush (this was after i put on 3 coats of the wrong green ooops)
So at this point i get so stuck into painting that i forget to take pictures (sorry about that). So here is what i did to break up the big lump of green so i first painted the tracks, engine cover and the barrel with chaos black. At this stage i added the transfers (Decals). I next started by stippling on some Denab stone followed by chaos black, i had before just done chaos black but after picking up the Imperial Armour Masterclass book again it suggests using a sponge to give rough edges to the tank (the most worn parts) i tried this and it did not work very well and found the stippling brush to work better, i added some stippled Knarloc green over the transfers to give them a chipped look too.

You may have noticed at this point the bullet holes up the tank i decided to add these to try and give a look of action, no tank is getting over a battlefield without someone taking a shot at it
   From here i tried out the rain streaking effect from the masterclass book, had some success but i need to try it again, before you do this it tells you to coat in a matt varnish to pull together all the colors. So this was done by taking burnt umber oil paint (this i got from my local hobby shop) and thinned it with white spirits (turpentine or whatever it gets called in your part of the world) and put on all the panel gaps and were there are rivets, the stuff runs all the way round very quickly much faster than a GW wash this is also what gives the gun barrel the oiled look, to get the rain streaked look is to pull a large drybrush over it (i use a large tank brush again ooops).

I last tried to give it some rust stains, again this used the same burnt umber oil paint with only a little thinning down and it had added to it some rust weathering powder (i made my own from orange and brown chalk pastels) i then applied it with a old toothbrush by flicking it on the side of the tank and using my Airbrush to spray on some white spirits to the model (remember when doing this the rust patches will blow away from you so direct you airbrush well.   

So this is were im at currently i still need to to paint the engine, exhast pipes, barrel and many other details. but i think that should be it for the weathering as i dont want to over do it so what do people think so far to much or not enough? Thanks for taking the time to read this.        

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Get back on Track(s) Pt1

Okay so after the the dodgy title pun lets move on. so this post is the first part of my next work Leman Russ Battle tank so here is what you get in the box.

So for those who have not used Forge World resin before it normally needs a clean, for me this involves stealing the washing up liquid from the kitchen, filling the sink with some lukewarm water and scrubbing with a toothbush, there is also large pieces of flash to remove i personally use clippers and my knife to smooth it out.
So in the end i ended up with what is pictured below i have tried to give myself as many options as possible and will look into magnatizing it all but this would be the first time
One of the fun parts about Forge World kits is the lack of instructions (but lets face it if i did have full instuctions i would probably not follow them). So in the next part i will paint the basic tank for the 11th tank company, with as much detail as i can.

I also got a Apocalypse game in today it was a 6000pts a side game, i put out 3000pts DKoK on my side was 1500 eldar and 1500 blood angles vs 2000 orks and 4000 necron. My Warhound Titan, Shadowsword and Stormblade didn't do much but attract fire (surprise) but necron weapons in this hurts and 10 scrab bases can eat thorogh a superheavy tank in 1 round of combat the unit that did the best for me was my 4 heavy mortars which kill a fair few models, but we only ended up with time for 3 turns i lost 0 guardsmen yes i did say i lost 0 guardsmen in an Apocalypse game (the Stormlord stopped a load of their shooting).
So for me going forward i will be buying more Heavy Mortars and Quad lancher.        

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Transmission Interrupted.........

Okay so i have been away from my blog for a while as i have been off doing stuff with my Grey Knights at Warhammer Worlds Planetary Empires Campaign last week, so Mordrak and his Ghost Knights have taken to the field and ended with a record of 4 wins and 1 draw and much fun was had.

So getting back to the DKoK i have a FW Russ to build along with 4 heavy mortars and many many models to paint, i have told all my friends that the Grey Knights only come out now when i need a codex list, the reason for this is that me and my friends are looking to attend the Imperial Armour Warmarch next year, and i need to get in games and paint the whole army along with any other models i buy over the coming year.

Right first off im going to work on putting some of these things together so over this weekend i will try to put up some pictures of putting together the Russ and maybe a painted unit of troops

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Breaching Drill

 Okay so 2 post in less than 24hrs whats going on, i had some time on my hands. Now the Breaching drill was bought a while ago put together and primed but that was it so it was about time i got to it.

So a simple application of codex gray as this was the colour of the armour for the engineers so i wanted them to tie together
so the Blades and pistons were done with boltgun metal and the belt was done with Charadon Granite
 then the blades were washed with Delvan mud and the tracks with badab black

I then picked out the rivets with the delvan mud after that dried i then cover the rest with the same wash the rivets stay visable, i added the transfers (death korps ones) and using chaos black and a stippling brush i went along the straight edges of the drill and use a pencil along the same straight lines to give it the rubbed and scrapped metal look, i then used codex grey and put it over the transfers with the stippling brush, to give a worn effect.  
Then using Forge Worlds Dried mud weathering powder. This was applied by putting White spirt (this has a different name in the states not sure what) on the blades and the powder was dabbed on to the blades then i with what was left on the brush brushed the surrounding area

Anyway i hope you like the result here is a quick video to