Death Korps Dead Pile

198 Men 10 Horses 5 Tanks

Saturday, 22 October 2011

310th Engineers Squad

Okay so hello again if anyone is out there i painted some of the Engineers today thought i would show the result. And if anyone wants to know why i have a squad then they have never seen the Breaching drill, anyway hope you like.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

11th Tank Reg 1st Fast Company "Stormcrow's"

Okay in thanks for being the first to sign up (and as i was struggling to think of a name) i have given this Company the name "Stormcrow's". So this will be one of the few models that is not FW model, here is were im at with it. I will be adding a Death Korps tank Commander, then some rust and weathering.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stormblade 12th tank of the 11 Tank Regiment

So i have never been that good with tanks so having to paint a load of tanks has made me pick up the Imperial Armour masterclass. I had a play with another tank before i painted this one although there are some finer details to do im happy with how it has gone so far so here are a few pics.


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Start

Hello out there, so i have been trying to give my Death Korps some history and background and on looking through the 3rd book of Vraks i found a list of the differant Korps, one of which was the 11th Assualt Korps.

The 11th Assualt Korps is made up of the following:

11th tank regiment (transfered from the 8th Assualt Korps)
61st tank regiment
66th tank regiment

101st Siege Regiment

497th Siege Artillery regiment

so any thing in green is to be a regiment i will paint for the force. So im not the best painter but not the worst i have a tendancy to be lazy. So all i ask of anyone who comes here is constructive comments please im happy with joking and banter but will not take abuse. 

Thank you for your time
P.S. here is what i have built up so far