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198 Men 10 Horses 5 Tanks

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Start

Hello out there, so i have been trying to give my Death Korps some history and background and on looking through the 3rd book of Vraks i found a list of the differant Korps, one of which was the 11th Assualt Korps.

The 11th Assualt Korps is made up of the following:

11th tank regiment (transfered from the 8th Assualt Korps)
61st tank regiment
66th tank regiment

101st Siege Regiment

497th Siege Artillery regiment

so any thing in green is to be a regiment i will paint for the force. So im not the best painter but not the worst i have a tendancy to be lazy. So all i ask of anyone who comes here is constructive comments please im happy with joking and banter but will not take abuse. 

Thank you for your time
P.S. here is what i have built up so far

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