Death Korps Dead Pile

198 Men 10 Horses 5 Tanks

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Work From the Front Line

Okay so im not very good at this regular post thing, since my last post i have been working on a few things and got 2 games in.

First of what have i been working on i have painted a squad of men for the 101st

Then i did an Artillery Crew too
 Oh and i started an Air force after i got this for Christmas, i have spent some time on this due to my Airbrush braking and it taking some time to get a replacement

so after one base coat of Astronomican Grey and then after loads of masking tape a sprayed it with Codex Grey.
 I then put thinned down Oil paint of Brunt Umber round the bolts and joins.

And this is were i finished it. Now i also mentioned that i had 2 games i never got pictures so sorry about that i have however put a kill count at the top of the blog, as that is what the Death Korps do well. what i did get from both of these games is that i have no idea of how to play Imperial Guard.

Last but not least, this project took a real body blow when Warhammer World moved the date for the Imperial Warmarch so i can not attend this event anymore and have started work on a Red Scorpions army, as these were also involved in the Siege of Vraks, i hope people are reading this i may need some help to keep motivated on the Death Korps of Krieg