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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Breaching Drill

 Okay so 2 post in less than 24hrs whats going on, i had some time on my hands. Now the Breaching drill was bought a while ago put together and primed but that was it so it was about time i got to it.

So a simple application of codex gray as this was the colour of the armour for the engineers so i wanted them to tie together
so the Blades and pistons were done with boltgun metal and the belt was done with Charadon Granite
 then the blades were washed with Delvan mud and the tracks with badab black

I then picked out the rivets with the delvan mud after that dried i then cover the rest with the same wash the rivets stay visable, i added the transfers (death korps ones) and using chaos black and a stippling brush i went along the straight edges of the drill and use a pencil along the same straight lines to give it the rubbed and scrapped metal look, i then used codex grey and put it over the transfers with the stippling brush, to give a worn effect.  
Then using Forge Worlds Dried mud weathering powder. This was applied by putting White spirt (this has a different name in the states not sure what) on the blades and the powder was dabbed on to the blades then i with what was left on the brush brushed the surrounding area

Anyway i hope you like the result here is a quick video to 

Feedback needed

Okay so people are at least looking at this blog but i need feedback so i can tailor what im doing and writing to appeal, so what would people that look here want to see going forward, should i do tutorials on what i put together and paint. As it is i have alot to paint and many other things to put together before i can start getting games in with them but once i do i will start some battle reports going forward.

So thank you for taking the time to look here in the first place, any comments and ideas you can give will be greatly recived again Thank You.