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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Get back on Track(s) Pt1

Okay so after the the dodgy title pun lets move on. so this post is the first part of my next work Leman Russ Battle tank so here is what you get in the box.

So for those who have not used Forge World resin before it normally needs a clean, for me this involves stealing the washing up liquid from the kitchen, filling the sink with some lukewarm water and scrubbing with a toothbush, there is also large pieces of flash to remove i personally use clippers and my knife to smooth it out.
So in the end i ended up with what is pictured below i have tried to give myself as many options as possible and will look into magnatizing it all but this would be the first time
One of the fun parts about Forge World kits is the lack of instructions (but lets face it if i did have full instuctions i would probably not follow them). So in the next part i will paint the basic tank for the 11th tank company, with as much detail as i can.

I also got a Apocalypse game in today it was a 6000pts a side game, i put out 3000pts DKoK on my side was 1500 eldar and 1500 blood angles vs 2000 orks and 4000 necron. My Warhound Titan, Shadowsword and Stormblade didn't do much but attract fire (surprise) but necron weapons in this hurts and 10 scrab bases can eat thorogh a superheavy tank in 1 round of combat the unit that did the best for me was my 4 heavy mortars which kill a fair few models, but we only ended up with time for 3 turns i lost 0 guardsmen yes i did say i lost 0 guardsmen in an Apocalypse game (the Stormlord stopped a load of their shooting).
So for me going forward i will be buying more Heavy Mortars and Quad lancher.        

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