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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Back on Track(s) Pt2

Okay so over the last week i have worked on painting my DKoK tank, i put together last time so here is what i have so far.
I used a basecoat of Knarloc Green this was applied by Airbrush (this was after i put on 3 coats of the wrong green ooops)
So at this point i get so stuck into painting that i forget to take pictures (sorry about that). So here is what i did to break up the big lump of green so i first painted the tracks, engine cover and the barrel with chaos black. At this stage i added the transfers (Decals). I next started by stippling on some Denab stone followed by chaos black, i had before just done chaos black but after picking up the Imperial Armour Masterclass book again it suggests using a sponge to give rough edges to the tank (the most worn parts) i tried this and it did not work very well and found the stippling brush to work better, i added some stippled Knarloc green over the transfers to give them a chipped look too.

You may have noticed at this point the bullet holes up the tank i decided to add these to try and give a look of action, no tank is getting over a battlefield without someone taking a shot at it
   From here i tried out the rain streaking effect from the masterclass book, had some success but i need to try it again, before you do this it tells you to coat in a matt varnish to pull together all the colors. So this was done by taking burnt umber oil paint (this i got from my local hobby shop) and thinned it with white spirits (turpentine or whatever it gets called in your part of the world) and put on all the panel gaps and were there are rivets, the stuff runs all the way round very quickly much faster than a GW wash this is also what gives the gun barrel the oiled look, to get the rain streaked look is to pull a large drybrush over it (i use a large tank brush again ooops).

I last tried to give it some rust stains, again this used the same burnt umber oil paint with only a little thinning down and it had added to it some rust weathering powder (i made my own from orange and brown chalk pastels) i then applied it with a old toothbrush by flicking it on the side of the tank and using my Airbrush to spray on some white spirits to the model (remember when doing this the rust patches will blow away from you so direct you airbrush well.   

So this is were im at currently i still need to to paint the engine, exhast pipes, barrel and many other details. but i think that should be it for the weathering as i dont want to over do it so what do people think so far to much or not enough? Thanks for taking the time to read this.        


  1. Very nice tank there mate. I used the Masterclass tips for my Death Korps army as well! It really brings the models alive i think!

  2. Thanks for the comment TheGunGrave hopefully i will be able to finsh this with part three and move on to my heavy mortars (Another great model and is fantastic in the game). Is there anywhere i can see pictures of your Death Korps?