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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Quatermaster

So over Christmas one of the models i recived was the Forge World Quatermaster, i recently painted this a part of the 40k Radio's Freebootaz forum Motovational challenge.

So here are the Pictures of the squad and how i think i will use him and what he brings to the Death Korps Army.

 The Quatermaster

And his Retinue

What is a Quatermaster?
The Quatermaster is the Death Korps medic and equiptment gatherer. The reason they have these units is as has been said, why they are there and not in any other Imperial Guard army, is that during the war on Krieg they loss of men and Equipment was so high they needed men and equipment quickly back in the line, so these men were sent forward to find both.

What does it bring to your army? 
The Quatermaster brings (apart from cool models) Feel No Pain for any infantry unit in your army that is within 2inchs of the Quatermaster or his servitors. I find this interesting as in the Death Korps you can combine Squad your platoon troops, so a 60 man squad that could have Feel No Pain would be very interesting. But even more interesting is that you can also combine Platoon Heavy Weapon teams into 1 squad to so the chance of 9 lascannon teams with Feel No Pain is pretty nasty.

I have not tried this unit out yet or any of my ideas so any thoughts or feedback would be great thanks for reading    

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